The AME’s are one of the most talented hardworking and elite groups. They command high respect for their profession and draw high salary. The job is not only rewarding but also satisfying. The career as AME assures a promising and a bright future.

Due to the open sky policy and globalization there is tremendous boom in the aviation industry in India and abroad. New operators and airlines are starting their operation and existing airlines are inducting new aircrafts in their fleet. The leading organizations in the field of aviation are setting up their business and operation in India due to the changing government policy and the number of passengers increasing two fold every year.

The scope of jobs after completion of AME
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft technician
  • Aircraft marshaller
  • Flight scheduling specialist
  • Cabin crew
  • Cargo account executive
  • Crew and Maintenance planner
  • Aircraft technical writers
  • Aircraft technical instructor
  • Quality control inspector
  • Safety manager
  • NDT technician
  • Continued airworthiness manager
  • Airworthiness review staff
  • Base/line maintenance manger